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The science behind our vitamin patches

Our immune boost vitamin patches deliver micronutrients that are absorbed through your skin, your body’s largest organ. Known as transdermal patches, they store the nutrients in a gel on one side, and over 24 hours these are absorbed into your bloodstream. The patches are an effective alternative to traditional pills.

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How oral spray technology works

Our immune boost vitamin spray delivers essential nutrients straight into your bloodstream without the need for pills, so taking your daily vitamins becomes hassle-free. Tiny droplets are sprayed straight into your mouth and the vitamins absorbed immediately, so the gut is bypassed. Our oral spray is a highly effective method of getting your daily multivitamin boost.

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Fast, effective absorption – without the fuss!

Each spray delivers tiny droplets of our unique formulation.

These droplets are then absorbed into the soft tissue of the mouth.

Once absorbed the droplets then rapidly diffuse into the bloodstream.

Ideal for young and elderly who have difficulty in swallowing.

No artificial sweeteners, flavouring or colour.

Tooth kind formulations.

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